Saturday, 5 February 2011

Today's agenda

Stuffing cats, owls and hearts.  Cutting out bespoke tea cosies.  Choosing fabrics for new project!
I love this type of day. Wind howling round the rafters, driving rain lashing against the windows – a Wuthering Heights kind of day.
The type of day I like to get up very early- before anyone in the house is stirring – make a cup of tea and write a list of things to do.
I have many lists- on pieces of paper, notepads, special little notebooks, diaries, and lists in my head; they are all in different parts of the house.
NB – no two lists are the same… but I’m working on it.
When making up an item I have a choice. Do I make 1 item at a time, complete every stage of the process and then have the satisfaction of seeing it completed within the day?
Or alternatively, cut out lots of the item and then complete each stage as a set?
Cats awaiting stuffing!
Not so long ago I did a very rough time and motion study based on one cat being assembled on its own.
Then I did the same for 20 cats but completed one stage at a time for all 20 before proceeding with the next stage; a bit like a production line.
I was amazed at the results. When I divided the time it took between the 20 cats I discovered that each cat took less time AND I quite enjoyed having them around as a group.  
So I’ve since adopted this method and that’s what I’m about to do this morning.
When anyone visited it was quite a talking point! They were lined up on the back of the sofa and it looked like a cattery for waifs and strays.

Cattery for waifs and strays!

Tea cosies for sale on my stall

I did the same with tea cosies and when my family arrived they all tried them on their heads – as one does with a tea cosy!
Part of my collection of fabrics

Now and again, in the middle of the night -like last night - I get a flash of inspiration for a new design or project. So today I’m going to get all my fabrics out of the cupboard and see if I can find something suitable for this new task. Actually the cupboard is in desperate need of a good tidy so it’s a good excuse I reckon!

One of my cats in Making the Best

Cats sleep anywhere,Any table any chair...


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