Thursday, 5 May 2011

Twit -to-woo!

It’s the time of year when birds are nesting and tending their young.
Let me introduce you to Herbert.

Young Juju Owl

Herbert is an owl, not just any owl but a Juju owl.
He is the owl of fairy tales. Short of stature, shy, silent (on the odd occasion) and rarely seen in daylight hours.
He is not to be confused with the Bubba owl which is taller, more vocal and has a kingfisher blue tinge to its plumage.

Bubba Owl
Juju owls are exceptionally rare and can only be found in the worlds of Etsy, Folksy and Making the Besty

Fully grown adult Juju Owl
Legend has it that to own a precious Juju owl you have to have lived, loved and laughed through every waking moment, seen the dawn of a new day from a far off hillside and forged a fast-flowing, mountain stream in bare feet.

A rare glimpse of the elusive Juju owl family

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  1. Oh your owls are gorgeous! :) Love them!

  2. Thanks Rebecca! I really enjoying making them and watching how they gradually turn into little individual characters.