Thursday, 8 September 2011

Little Hands

I should be doing something else right now.
Something far more important, that comes higher on my  'To Do'  list than my Blog. 
I am  a master (or mistress?) at being oh so easily distracted.
Some would say I'm like a butterfly, flitting from one flower to the next, metaphorically speaking.
I would totally agree with them. I like flitting and flutterbying, it's what I do well.

And what, may you ask, distracted me from 'important things' this time?


I was perusing the photos to upload onto my website when I came across it.
It's a little something I made when I was  a wee one, probably as a present, and my parents have kept it safe all these years.

 They brought it with them on  their last visit, but made sure that after I took a photo or two it went back home with them, safely wrapped in faded tissue paper. 

I think it was made out of some sort of wood pulp based stuff. I may have made two or three but goodness knows where they are now.

It's a bit dusty, but suprisingly has retained its somewhat garish colours - they were all the rage in the 'old' days.

Just reminds me that I really HAVE always made things...with love.


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