Friday, 16 March 2012

Through the Keyhole

I'm a magpie, a hoarder and a collector of gorgeous things. I can't walk passed a charity shop, flea market or junk shop without having a rummage round. Needless to say I come away with the odd 'bargain' or two.

Over the years my beautiful collection of oddities has grown, filled the house and eventually the attic. According to my OH 'junk' is taking over the house.

I beg to is in the eye of the beholder.

I'm presently 'clearing' the attic, well shuffling things into neater piles  and I've had to come to terms with the fact that actually the attic IS somewhat overcrowded as now I find it difficult to make a path way inbetween everything.

So this week I've been ruthless (well ruthless for me) and made 3 piles labelled - FOR THE TIP, CHARITY SHOP, TO KEEP. You can guess which pile is the biggest.

The tip pile went on Saturday and I came away with a sinking feeling thinking that maybe I'd got rid of things I should have kept.
The charity pile is now residing in the garage. I'm still thinking about whether certain things might be useful or could be sold on Ebay or maybe even returned to the attic?

I adore moving things around in the house and having little displays that are changed on a whim.

I LOVE these things so I'm sharing some of them with you - a bit like 'Through the Keyhole' - maybe they will give clues as to my personality or maybe they'll just say,
'She's a hoarder of junk.'

I'll let you decide.

I adore this beautifully framed, handpainted and handwritten quote. It's ancient and cost a mere 50p.

A pair of framed pastel drawings - £2.50 from my local Oxfam

Lampshade from IKEA Bargain Basement - £1

Oooh - I love this corner of the hallway!
Mirror -£2 garage sale, Vintage VW Beetle - 99p, Jug 50p, sea glass - free from the shores of Britian!

Fabulous print by John Raynes - cut from a gallery brochure. Adore his work but can't afford it so this is the next best thing! 

Can you believe this exquisite handmade and handpainted bowl was only £1 in  a local charity shop?

Take a look at the fabulous detail and the fluidity of the potter's brush strokes!

Vintage 1950's pond yacht - one of my more expensive purchases at £8!

I love Cornishware pots and I'm not bothered if the lids don't match. Ebay finds!

I love this miniature oil painting -discovered at the bottom of  a 'bargain box'  in a street market.

I rescued this pair of  framed watercolours from a chap in a flea market for £5. It was pouring with rain and they were in an open box soaked through!  

More junk shop finds - bought for a song.

My late grandfather's old wooden ruler. I keep it out on display and every now and again, when it catches my eye, I'm transported back to my childhood when I sat on an old wooden stool watching him make things in his shed. 


  1. You must be the queen of charity shops and ebay! Fantastic finds!!!

    1. Hello Peony and Thistle! Just found your comment lovely of you to pop over! Have to say I adore everything in your beautifully photographed too!