Thursday, 11 October 2012

A Visual Treat

And so it was on a wet, slate-grey afternoon, when mist-like droplets clung to my unruly hair, I ventured out but half a mile or so to the timeworn, yet elegant side of town to visit an artist friend of mine. 

She lives in a quiet, narrow street chronicling the past and lined with old households that speak of a once privileged, well-heeled life of stables, haylofts and horse-drawn carriages.

Many years ago I would purposely walk this street with my rosy-cheeked newborn tucked up in an pram, now and again stopping and savouring the well-proportioned features, porticoed entrances and grand over-large sash windows designed for the upper classes.

Fanciful thoughts of a young, foolish mother who dreamed of a time when her wee family would one day, gaze from the comfort of the inside of those vast, panoramic windows.

Sadly, it was not to be.

Therefore it is always a double pleasure to visit Diana and her family as she lives in one of these elegant villas.

Their home is a  virtual feast for the eyes. 

Being artists they have furnished their home with an eclectic mix of wonderful family heirlooms and interesting objet d'art.

Yet there is no  false composition or staging to each room. Clearly everything has evolved over time and things have been collected and displayed in an ad hoc, easy manner.

 A Country Living stylist would be most envious of their natural, inherent style.

However, the real purpose of my visit that afternoon, was to take a peek at some of Diana's new paintings in her studio/drawing room on the first floor. 

Unbelievably, even on this overcast day her studio was flooded with light! 

I really love the fact that in her paintings she features the beautiful, everyday objects that surround her. 

Diana will be  exhibiting at the Aylesbury Art and Craft Fair on Saturday 24th November 2012

Feel free to click on each photo and enlarge!

Aylesbury Art and Craft Fair Facebook Page

Aylesbury Art and Craft Fair website 


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