Friday, 16 January 2015

Blue Sky Day

'Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days Challenge'
DAY 16

'Blue Sky Day'  study
oil on board 8" x 8"

I'm exactly halfway in my 30 day challenge and it's not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I'm into the rhythm of painting daily and surprisingly, much better at managing my limited, spare time. That's a bonus by the way. 
(Don't you dare tell my OH. He'd make me apply it to all sorts like being on time when we're going out.)

I  just know, if I'm honest, that if I hadn't told you lot I was doing it, I may well have slipped off the rails and umm....maybe missed a day or two. Who'd have known? Bit like a January diet, when no one's looking you pop into Costa's for a full fat latte and a chocolate muffin cos you've 'accidentally' left your hemp shirt and lettuce Ryvita lunch at home and NO ONE would want you to starve? Hmm? 

I'm loving the seascapes so there may be one or two more on the way. And for those Goosey fans, nope! There ain't  no snowy, feathery ones planned for the near future. Well, not until the challenge ends and Goosey is speaking to me again. He's having a huff and a half.

Today's painting challenge was to loosen up a tad more. This was painting WITHOUT my specs on to prevent me faffing with detail, though I admit to sticking them back on to deal with the tricky headland thingy. 

Incidentally, out of the 15 so far, which one is your favourite?

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