Friday 30 January 2015

End of the Day

Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days Challenge'
DAY 30

'End of the Day' 
oil on board 8" x 8"

I'd like to gain just a wee bit of pleasure from the last couple of challenge paintings, so I'm pleasing myself with regards to subject matter and there'll be no more angst ridden posts. Yay!
( lot, you don't have to shout, woo and clap THAT much!)

This was a relatively enjoyable one to paint. 
Against the clock once again and after another stressful day. (Anyone got any wine?)
I stuck some lute music on the old CD player in the shed and lost myself.
 Kynance Cove is just 2 miles from Lizard Point. They should re-name it Rocky Cove as it's full to the brim with magnificent, towering, majestic stacks of granite and serpentine. It's like a cavernous cathedral without the roof.

I adore a beach that is bereft of crowds and selfishly want it all to myself. Families have slowly disappeared from this one and headed back to their accommodation, carrying tired, weary toddlers covered in sticky sand and smelling of the salty sea.

I'm learning that it's what I leave out of a view that's just as important as what is left in so rather than painting everything slavishly, it's good to give certain things the elbow. 
I'm not aiming for photographic reproduction, more a sense of place, the weather, a feeling, a time and a moment.

Do you know what I'd REALLY love to do tomorrow night when it's all over?
I'd like to exhibit the thirty paintings and invite all you lovely folk that have stuck with me and commented on the posts, round for a soirée with champagne and nibbles.
My first EVER exhibition.  
Wouldn't that just be grand? 
Jules xxx

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  1. You have done SO well with your 30 paintings in 30 days challenge Jules! The work you have produced is so varied and every piece so beautifully done. This one could be any one of my favourite beaches on the west coast of Scotland or Ireland. Love it! Looking forward to seeing them all together for the big sale :)

    1. Hello aileen, thank you so much fro popping over rot my blog an documenting. sometimes it just sits here, talking to itself!
      I thoroughly enjoyed the month, even the really tricky personal challenges.