Friday, 15 April 2011

Mother Hubbard

I'm quite into using up leftovers and those odd bits and pieces that stare at you from the fruit bowl.
 It's a bit of a challenge and even more so when I've got guests for dinner and two out of three courses to make out of virtually nothing.

What to do with four rather dull, wrinkly Golden Delicious apples and a few past their best vine tomatoes? Hmm........

Hugh Fearnley Whttingstall seems to have no trouble at all whisking up marvellous Michelin star food in a trice so it can't be too difficult, can it?

(Stares at sad looking apples and tomatoes for a few minutes longer waiting for divine inspiration)

What would HFW do?

Then I had one of those eureka moments. ( Maybe that's what happens when thinking about the lovely  tousle-haired, boyish charm of the delighful Hugh)

Two courses in a trice - tomato soup with rustic, cheesy bread and tarte tatin for pudding.

Oh it's all so simple and not a recipe book in sight.

With a sprinkling of this and a dash of that.... voila!

Delia eat your heart out!


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