Monday, 14 March 2011


There was a distinct feeling of spring (and love) in the air at the weekend.

Right beside my little studio  at the bottom of my garden there’s a teeny weeny  pond filled with great, fat, frisky, frogs and toads  and the noise was amazing- certainly a frog’s chorus that Gareth Malone would have been proud of had he been involved!

Then there’s the willow tree that’s thinking hard about bursting into leaf, it was full of birds of all shapes and sizes and they were staking their claim on every branch. They wouldn’t even budge for the bird-brained pigeon that swooped down occasionally to try and break off a brittle twig to line its nest. Keeping my fingers crossed for the blackbirds to nest once again in the overgrown clematis.

     Anyway before I get too poetic, whilst all this was going on I produced this mini wall  hanging!  How spooky is that?

                           At least my cats won't be doing them any harm...

                             Mr Scaredy Cat is scared of his own shadow!

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