Monday, 15 August 2011

Something Old Something New

In my last post I said I'd DEFINITELY post more on my blog.
I lied.
Failed miserably.
Best laid plans of mice and men...etc. etc.

Where do people get the time to blog, run a business, design, make things, sell creations, run a home, shop, sleep... It's a juggling act, too many balls in the air I fear.

The shed got too much for me (again) so I've gutted it, put up more shelves and started all over.
I've been nicknamed Gadget Girl by the family and am the proud owner of a  proper tool box with every gadget and tool you could possibly require. The only tool Mr Jujuandbubba bought was an adjustable spanner from Ludlow Market whilst on our honeymoon many years ago.

I don't know if you're like me but I'm always inquisitive (let's be honest - nosey) as to what other designers studios look like.
Anyway for what it's worth here's a tour of mine post re-jig. It hasn't been this tidy for months. I'd be too embarrassed to let you see it messy ...well, not until we get to know each other.

My trusty tool is this Makita drill on my work table.. TWO drills in one box -Heaven for someone like me.

Noddy on a new shelf -he's in charge of the sharp pointy things

I've put up some new shelves using the wood left over from building the shed a few years ago and I told Mr Jujuandbubba that one day it would come in handy and was worth storing in the garage - at the time he was unconvinced but wearily complied. He knows that I'm a hoarderholic so there's no point in putting up a fight.

Set of glass shelves from the attic -kept for when they 'might come in useful' - now installed in the shed.

The vintage alarm clock was a bargain from VINTAGE in Shrewsbury. It's got the loudest tick I've ever heard and I'm afraid it's been banished to the shed. Apparently it could be heard above a Captain Beefheart Album!

New shelves filled with all my knick-knacks - you can never have too many lovely things around you.

I know, I do like a basket or two or three and I'm collecting old mirrors.
The brown anglepoise lamp is an original - also rescued from the attic!

Comfy chairs for the odd visitor or two and for when I need to count to ten after the machine thread has broken for the umpteenth time! And I LOVE my 1950's wicker  basket bought for 50p in a charity shop on the Norfolk coast.

1950's plates at 50p!

And finally a beautiful handthrown jug bought at VINTAGE in Shrewsbury for a fiver!
The  pair of fabulous double-sided curtains at the french window cost a mere £3 from a charity shop in Bishops Castle.

I do love a bargain!


  1. Total envy - it looks really gorgeous!

  2. Hi Julie

    Just been browsing through your blog having seen the article in Craft Business! I felt a kindred spirit as a fellow Blue Peter afficionado! My fave make of all time from Blue Peter was the Puppet Theatre! And your shed (not a posh enough name for it) is looks like the picture I have in my head of how mine will look some day....if I ever manage to undertake all the "projects" currently filling it up!!!