Saturday, 28 April 2012

Owl Babies

Take some gorgeous linens...

Cut carefully, sew and allow to rest.

Zzzzzzz..........Owls need lots of rest.

Give gentle encouragement to stand up alone.

Allow sufficient time in the nest to bond with siblings.

'I'm your big brother!'

Once eyes and beaks have developed, the babies can become somewhat disorientated with their surroundings -be patient., they startle easily.

'What's that noise? It's scary out there!'

Persuade reluctant individuals to leave the comfort of the  nest.

Say  - 'Meece!'

Once assembled, take team photo!

Twit to-woo!


  1. Since 'discovering' you, my children and I have loved your blog. My youngest makes up tales about Mr Owl who lives in a tree near our home (he really does!) and has decided that your owls are his friends!They are lovely owls, each individual so maybe expect an order off us nearer christmas for a certain little girl!

  2. Hello Ma Walton!
    Thank you so much. I'm glad the Bubba Owls have inspired your little ones and lovely to hear that your youngest now has a Mr Owl living nearby.
    This has made my day - if not week!