Sunday, 6 May 2012

A Gull's LIfe

I had a dis-a-ster (read in the style of Craig Revel Horwood) last year.

Well, sort of.

I love Cornwall, specifically the coastline. And when I get the opportunity to visit I always load the car with all my 'arty farty stuff', as my OH calls it, along with the kitchen sink, in anticipation of doing a bit of sketching, painting etc.

Last year was no exception. 
I rely heavily on taking photographs, as the light, weather, view, tide and  colours can change in a second.

Unfortunately I had (being the operative word) the dinosaur of a laptop  and one day last October it decided it had had enough and gave up the ghost and took all my photos with it.

I was most upset at losing my sea bird photos. I have a 'thing' about birds as you may have gathered.

There are a few  lightning sketches of some gulls that I can still work with.

They are notorious for not keeping still  - they  seem to sense they are being drawn!

So the other day I got out my shoe box of vintage Dryad lino block printing stuff (bought for a song) and settled down to a good gouge out, as I like to call it.

I haven't done any since my college days and I was in my element.

Meet Geoffrey....

'No, I told you...I'm not 'going' until I find a public lavatory.'



  1. Hi Jules I've just popped into say hello from Doodly Bird land. I love your blog it's as colourful and inspiring as your shop. Geoffrey is a real character great to meet him.
    Thanks again for invaluable help with my website. Nearly there now.
    Lynn x x

    1. Hello Lynn,
      Thanks for popping over to the blog. I'm glad I could be of some help to you!

  2. really lovely work and loved your story

    ... oh and hello from Cornwall ♥

    1. Hello LSR. Thanks for dropping in and leaving your lovely comment.
      So envious of you living in beautiful Cornwall!