Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Amongst my passions, (I have many, I'll have you know) cooking is pretty high up on the list. Time permitting, of course.

stoneware juicer (£1 - charity shop find!)

 I've  been called the 'Domestic Goddess' on more than one occasion (wishful thinking) by those who sometimes gather round my table; usually those who are ever so slightly squiffy and well-fed. 

Salt pig from Natalie Bonney Ceramics - see her FB page!

Domestic yes....Goddess, no. Nigella Lawson I am not, though we do have one thing in common I'm happy to say.

More gorgeous bowls from Natalie Bonney Ceramics!

An evening's supper came courtesy of the Waitrose Weekend magazine. Can't rate it highly enough for  up-to-date news, absorbing articles as well as good wholesome, family recipes brought in on a budget - and it's free each week! 

Garlic scraper - Morocco

And yes, before you say anything, I'm a Waitrose fan, as is our gorgeous Nigella. 

Handmade bowl - years old!

We clearly have the same  good taste when it comes to supermarkets. I have it on good authority that Goddess Nigella often   frequents Fortnum & Masons and Harrod's but when she's run out of Mars Bars or shops for her TV programme recipes (Yes honestly!)  she heads to Waitrose. The subtle difference is I walk there and she takes a black cab. 

vintage Prinknash jug

I digress. 

Whilst gathering all the fabulous ingredients that literally needed tossing together, I stared at the amassed array of bowls, bread boards and thingymajigs and realised just how beautiful they all are as well as practical. And handmade to boot! (Apart from what I like to describe as the 'crushing' stone, seen below, which was picked up on the west coast of Scotland by a good friend who appreciates the finer things nature can offer.)

Some new, some old. Pieces I've collected over the years, junk shop finds, the very occasional thing from a gallery or Craft Fair that I truly couldn't live or leave without and the odd, perfect gift.

Hand thrown and hand-painted French butter dish

I don't think I ever made the conscious decision to buy/collect handmade, it's just an inner, irresistible desire to surround myself with beautiful, unique and useful everyday objects. 

They mingle and jostle happily alongside items from Ikea, charity shops and 'Poundland'.

Jane Wellens Pottery

And when these handmade gems are sometimes favourably commented upon by those who occasionally visit Juju & Bubba headquarters, it's most satisfying to be able to say that they've been made  by hand, with love.

Jane Wellens pottery

And if you want to try the recipe -(to die for) it's a Middle Eastern meat dish called Chicken Shawarma, with warm pittas and a red onion salsa... click on the won't be disappointed!



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