Sunday, 16 September 2012

Treasure Island

Out of all the beaches in the world I've had the pleasure to visit, this one has to be in my top five.

I call it my 'secret' beach. Not because it's secluded and rarely visited, quite the opposite. Because it holds secrets...secrets buried in the sand.

Slivers of broken china, sea-washed glass,ancient household implements all slowly being churned up by the tide. 

Using my very limited knowledge of archaeology, I'm assuming at one time there must have been a Victorian dump close by, if not ACTUALLY on the beach!

It now offers up the most incredible cornucopia of delights to the discerning eye.

Having lived by the sea, I've beach-combed for most of my life and can never resist poking about in sand and pebbles.

My eyes are now well-trained in spotting shapes and  colours that could prove to be something special.

Having completed my flotsam and jetsam apprenticeship, I'm currently training up little Bubba.

We trawled the beach and each collected our own stash of treasure; Bubba with her bright yellow tin bucket, me with a sturdy plastic carrier.

Very little 'searching' is's all just lying there on the surface of the soft,white sand waiting to be discovered.

Part of a sea-washed yellow house brick looking quite at home beside a pebble

Shell spoon

Which one is the real shell?


Gorgeous colours!

A mini seascape




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