Thursday, 22 January 2015


Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days Challenge'
DAY 22
'Gulls' a study
oil on board 8" x 8"

Just a little offering today as virtually no time to paint.
I did consider, for just a nano second, to cheat and post a painting I did last week, when I had a precious day off and managed to do TWO paintings. Then I thought, I'd only be cheating myself so what's the point?
So this is today's painting and it most definitely is a study.

Despite being only six and 7 years old, my elder brother and I were often entrusted with a short walk to the bakers to collect the fresh, just-baked bread on Saturday mornings and on the way home we'd nibble like mice on the warm crust.
If any of the stale bread left in the bread bin wasn't used in various recipes like bread pudding, bread and butter pudding or turned into breadcrumbs, we were allowed to feed it to the gulls.
 We'd stand on the sea wall at the end of the garden and throw the pieces as high as we could to the gathering flock of rowdy, birds who deftly swooped and dived for the pieces, never once touching the ground.
Ahhh...happy days.... 
Not a brilliant photo as it was taken indoors just a few seconds ago.
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