Wednesday, 21 January 2015

My Kind of Day

Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days Challenge'
DAY 21

'My Kind of Day' 

oil on board 8" x 8"

I'm not sure what style you'd describe this as, (by all means have a go) all I know is it's not my usual style and I've been wanting to experiment with it like, forever.
It was one of the first things on my 'challenge' list for this thirty days thingy. now, happily crossed off, along with 'people'.
Sensibly, I've left it till two thirds of the way through.

I deliberately didn't plan anything or even do any research as I wanted it to be completely spontaneous. No still life, no pre-mixed colours, no pre-anything. All out of my head. (Yeah, I know, it's a mess in there.)

However, I did my usual thing of painting a ground. Things don't feel quite so daunting when I've got a decent colour on the canvas.
It felt like I should have a drink of three to 'loosen' up  and be a little gung-ho. Unfortunately, the Moet and Chandon wasn't chilled enough so I settled with a sparking apple juice instead.

Nothing came to me immediately so panicked and gave myself a good talking to.

Surprisingly, it just developed from the geometric shapes, almost an organic process.
Geeze! Listen to me! Getting far too deep and meaningful.
*slaps face a few times*
That's better....

When I have a another go (and there will be another) I'll try loosening up a bit with the champagne and let you know how it goes!

BTW...I resisted adding a lighthouse.

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  1. I love it...a marine and a still life all in one. I particularly like the fishes in the foreground linking your stilllife to the boats in the background!
    Great mute colors...

    1. I know...I do tend to fit about with my paintings!Thanks for the comment, Martine!

  2. I do like this a lot! I reminds me a little of Folk Art if you want to even lable this painting with a style. Love the red color coming through everywhere!!

    1. It's a new venture for me into the unknown but have always loved folk art style. Thanks for your comment, Tam. x