Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Calm After the Storm

'Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days Challenge'
DAY 13 
'Calm After the Storm' - study 
oil on board 10"x 8"

It's been one of those days. Day job followed by a funeral, so not surprisingly, very little has been done art wise.

If I could be granted a wish, it would be to sit on a completely, empty beach; just me the gulls and the water.

As a child I was fortunate to have the sea as a playground. We lived in an old, ramshackle, Victorian cottage with the sea wall at the end of the back garden.
We'd find endless enjoyment exploring the shore when the tide was out in the bay. We collected 'treasure', dug for bait, fed the seagulls that swooped and skirled above our wee heads and ventured out in a rowing boat when the tide came in. Such freedom is a rare occurrence nowadays.
I spent hour upon hour sitting on the sea wall being at one with the environment. It's soothing, rhythmic cycle, its wild untamed weather patterns throughout the year - all these things had a profound effect upon me and, I realise it now, my art.

So a simple offering of art for you tonight. The challenge was to create a sense of calm with colour, light and composition. I sometimes get carried away and make things far too 'busy' with lots of detail. I was sorely tempted to add in more...to me, it doesn't feel quite finished. I may faff with it tomorrow evening...unless someone restrains me...
Jules xx

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