Monday, 12 January 2015


'Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days Challenge'
DAY 12 
'Early Morning Mist Rising from the Thames' - study 
oil on board 10"x 8"

I was completely inspired by my visit to Tate Britain last week to view the 'Late Turner' Exhibition. It's subtitle being 'Painting Set Free' (as in a bird, NOT you'll get a free painting set. Okay?)
I admired his ability to 'suggest' something in a painting without going into any detail. I call it, being 'vague' - an art in itself.

A squiggle to suggest an animal a rough outline to suggest a person in the foreground and from a distance they all told a story, close up (and I'm talking a few inches) it was a different matter. Someone said these lines were 'child-like' in there composition, and they were. But what genius!

Now I'm certainly not setting myself up here as an expert, I know zilch. It struck me that it's not necessary to draw and paint every darn detail, just merely 'suggest' something.
I've never been able to be 'vague' or loose with my art. Vague yes, about dates, times, where I left something, how much I've spent on a pair of shoes or an art order etc. but not my art.

I'm one of those who agonises over ever mark, hunched over the easel, procrastinating over every little thing. 'Painting whilst constipated', as a friend so aptly describes it.
After the exhibition I walked along the embankment towards Westminster Bridge taking photos. It struck me that Turner would quite possibly have taken the same route, sketched and even painted the same scenes.
I wanted to paint something to mark my visit, a nod to Turner - not in his style or a copy but inspired by his work.
This is as vague as it gets!

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