Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Throwing Caution to the Wind

Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days Challenge'
DAY 28
'Blustery Day on Porthmeor Beach' 
oil on board 8" x 8"

PALETTE KNIFE ...the final frontier.

This afternoon I threw caution to the wind and entered the shed armed with a  palette knife determined to produce some sort of a painting.
There was no preliminary sketching, blocking in or such like.
The thing is... that would be all fine and dandy if I actually KNEW what I was doing with the palette knife. Apart from icing the odd Christmas cake and once or twice laying a brick, I've never actually had any experience using one.

Last year I visited the St Ives Oxfam shop on Tregenna Hill. It's well worth a visit just to browse their vast array of books and drool over the art supplies at the back of the shop, where I  bought my palette knives.
However, if you step out onto the pavement, turn right and walk to the top of the hill you will be treated to the most magnificent rooftop views across St Ives, harbour, The Island and Porthminster Beach. 
The best vantage point is from the bus station where there is a little fenced walkway around the tarmac but it has a 'No Entry to Pedestrians' sign.
Ignore it. 
And if you're approached by the bus inspector pretend you're foreign and can't understand him. It worked for me. 
'Io non comprende!'  *gesticulates and throws arms in air*
Suffice to say the painting this afternoon was a baptism of fire.
I can only liken it to to my first driving lesson when co-ordinating feet, hands and eyes all at once was  nigh on impossible and I felt as if the car was in control of ME.  OH who was not impressed.
My attitude to most things has always been 'It's not rocket science'. 
I have since discovered that palette knife painting IS rocket science.
A bucket load of paint is required especially if like me you, 'dirty' the pure colours and have to wipe it all off the knife and start again. Steep learning curve doesn't come into it but surprisingly, it was enjoyable. 
I'm thinking of doing an abstract next to use up all the wasted paint.

*sighs with relief, licks end of pencil and ticks 'Palette knife painting' off list*
Twenty -eight down, three to go...

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