Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Daily Bread

I’ve been very busy today; too many plates in the air and not enough spinning time, if that makes sense.
I’ve been chasing my tail and dashing from one thing to the other, but somehow I’ve managed to get quite a lot done, considering.
Having recently tasted the most divine Italian rosemary and onion focaccia  from a proper Italian bakery, I decided to have a go myself.
Incredibly simple to make and with a little note to adjust the oven temperature next time, it will be perfect.
                     It must be good…someone’s already had a nibble at it -and it’s not the mice!

The 'fun' part  of this post is I've done a little more sewing...under the watchful eye of little Noddy.
And finally...
If you've read previous posts you'll know I'm mad about sheds, my grandad's  shed in particular.

Well he is no longer with us but here's a really cool photo of my sister Debbie (wearing , I have to say, the most delightful pinny and Jumping Jack shoes) and my Grandad outside his shed.
 Don't you just love my Grandad's  braces and the rolled up shirt  sleeves?  Oh the good old days...

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  1. Ah mum's eye for fashion started at a young age!