Saturday, 12 March 2011

Pink Update

I've been happily snapping away at my creations in order to list them in my ‘shop’.I'm not a techy babe by any means, but I do like to get the better of tricky techno things, like my camera.

It’s not a flashy thing – you know the type, all bells and whistles, but a bog standard digital camera.

Digital SLR’s are next on my wish list but I’m bit put off by the instruction booklets that come with them. Who has time to read them and more to the point who understands them?

Methinks with crossed fingers and a great dollop of luck , I could  get away with just twiddling a few things and pressing the odd knob. 

On reflection I'll stick with the 'point and click' version.

Finally...I may have been reading far too many 'Country Living' magazines for my own good, judging by this one.


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