Thursday, 2 June 2011


I had the immense pleasure of meeting Julia Mills - a truly talented glass artist – at her gallery in Mousehole (not, as I had assumed a few years ago, pronouncing it as Mouse hole but as Mowzull)

Julia has recently move her gallery  from Porthleven to this idyllic setting of a tiny but thriving fishing port, frequented by artists and a growing plethora  of high quality galleries.

I love the delicate seaweed etching!

I have coveted Julia’s work for many years and purchased this modern stained glass panel with a hidden secret. When the sun shines through it, the shadow it casts is, I think, even more beautiful than the panel, if that’s possible!

Hand off! This one's all mine!
Julia’s gallery has a very carefully selected range of other talented artists, including fabulous ceramics and wall art, and quirky home accessories- all of which complement her work.

Her contemporary twist on the age old art of stained glass is breath taking and inspiring –every home should have some! The beauty of the work is added to by fine glass etching that Julia adds to each piece.

I especially covet the ‘tiddlers’ – individual jewel-coloured hanging fish that look fabulous dangling in a window. I’d want about 30 of them to be truly satisfied!

Tiddlers on display at Julia's gallery in Mousehole
The vibrant framed or leaded panels lend themselves to all manner of interior design and sit perfectly alongside old and new.

Julia undertakes private commissions, too.

I can’t wait to have my own original work of art up and on display!

 Permission  to use photographs, kindly given by Julia. See more  glassy gorgeousness at her website


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