Sunday, 11 January 2015

Waves off St Michael's Mount

'Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days Challenge'


'Waves off St. Michael's Mount, Cornwall' 

oil on board 20cm x 20cm

Seriously, you're gonna have to wrestle these oil paints off me at the end of this thirty day thingy. I'm having a ball.

I love Cornwall. Along with about 7 squillion other people and so did a great deal of famous artists - Turner, Ben and Winifred Nicholson, Barbara Hepworth to name but a few. They knew a good thing when they saw one.

It's the light, the sea, the smell, the almost palpable sense of awe and wonder that attracts folk to this unique, heavenly-lit place. 

Personally, I will NEVER get fed up of visiting and every year I take zillions of photos to er....keep. 

Up until now, I've done very little with them. There's nowt wrong with them, they are all individual little pockets of inspiration for me. I've just browsed through them, reminding myself of a time, a place, a feeling, hoping one day, I'd get up the courage (cos that, ladies and gentlemen is what is required in this situation) to paint them.

The photo for this painting was taken a couple of year ago at Marazion (pronounced Mar-Az-Eon). I was a bit disappointed (an understatement) that the Sun didn't shine as we'd made a special, rather long excursion to see St Michael's Mount.
A wild Atlantic wind blew a storm in so strong, concerned parents had to hold on to toddlers to stop them being blown away. The waves raged and smashed angrily against the sea wall and the castle was all but obliterated by a blanket of grey, torrential rain.
Unperturbed, I sneaked round walls for shelter and snapped away. 
It's not a perfect painting by any means, I went in too dark to begin with which is always a bit a tricky with oils. (That dang 'value' thang again.)
However, I've 'broken my duck', as they say in cricket.

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  1. I like this! It's fun for a change to see a seascape that's not sunny--you captured the weather really well--and I love the choppy texture of the waves.

    1. I love mean an moody skies for seascapes, this was a classic example!
      Thanks for your comment.