Saturday, 10 January 2015

Wooden Spoon

'Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days Challenge'
'Handmade With Love' study 
oil on board 20cm x 20cm

Does anyone else have a 'thing' about wooden spoons? 
I have quite a growing collection.

There's bit of a pecking order attached to them.
There are the bog-standard ones that are used everyday and (shockingly) go in the dishwasher. There are others that have the honour of being used and don't go in the dishwasher.
Finally, there are the 'Chosen Ones'. These are NOT allowed to be used and have never seen, heard of or have been within a mile of a dishwasher.
They are either handmade or vintage ones that I've picked up for a song at local Jumble sales, church fetes or charity shops. Which begs the question - why would anyone throw/give away a wooden spoon? Huh? They're useful aren't they?

It's just as well I do most of the cooking in this house otherwise there'd be a right old game with the spoons as they are all mixed up in various containers and only I know the wooden spoon pecking order.
I know, I seriously need to get out more.

My painting today is a study in value and shadow.
I've always found shadows pretty tricky things to paint, especially the colours so I actually set up an intimate still life with this little fella as the star and yes, *nods enthusiastically* I lit it myself with a vintage Angle Poise lamp resulting in a fine shadow.

BTW...I'm really enjoying this thirty day challenge. I know I'm only nine days in and I could well be eating my words on day 15. I never thought it would be so...well....exciting.
To be honest with you, I thought it might well become a bit of a chore and I'd be ruing the day I took it on.
I love the freedom of doing just what I want, working on things I'm not good at, honing skills, exploring oil paints for the first time and finding out what they will/won't do for me and most importantly, producing a painting everyday, no matter what.

Jules x